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dopamine seeking behavior

there is dopamine seeking behavior people have.
frequently people seeking dopamine when they upset or hurt by someone.
this is a normal behavior.

so because of that many addicts seek drugs (to get dopamine) when they upset.

this reminds me of a research that because of that when people got fewer upsets in life this reduced people drug use.

when people on low energy people tend to get more easily on dopamine.

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brain fails as it acheives wrong stability

for example, when someone is watching tv he keeps watching tv or youtube indefinitely. or browsing the internet he keeps browsing the internet indefinitely.

I estimate that the brain system wants to get to stability.
as it gets something good and tries to keep it.

this causes to addictions to happen.

many addicts say they can stop any time if they want
but they never want
dopamine makes them keep wanting. because brain wants stability.
as the brain is made people can’t want to stop. when they on dopamine from something.

there is some idea of making choices in advance, but frequently it should be very much available
like making ready made food near you otherwise frequently people won’t gooing to make it.

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“Procrastination” Tales Of Mere Existence

explanation of mechanics behind procrastination example:

this morning I woke up too early and still wanted to sleep. as I started to force myself do activities
because I was still sleepy it generated adrenaline in the brain that forces cells to release stored energy.

also, I drank coffee that stimulated the medulla gland and it released more adrenaline.

as adrenaline stressed and narrowed the blood vessels in the brain and this blocked the blood to the pre-frontal-cortex in the brain, so the amygdala part of the brain worked alone without the help of pre-frontal-cortex so the decisions are half bad and based on external stimuli.

as I drunk the sugar from the coffee, the sugar generated dopamine in the brain. so then the dopamine in the brain increased artificially the probabilities of neurons to fire. so my actions became with more error. so, I spilled the coffee.

then I saw dirt on the table and I cleaned up. it is an amygdala action easy to do. with little energy. amygdala works with little energy

because I ate too many simple carbohydrates from the sugar in the coffee, the body responded after like 10 minutes. the insulin kicks in and overshoot. this brought the sugar level down to a too much low level and the body became low on sugar,

so this triggered amygdala again. the amygdala detected bad feeling and notified me that I want something by making more dopamine and all it know is to do is only to make more dopamine,

so because of confusion of feeling of success and feeling of I will succeed soon that dopamine makes, I sought more dopamine-making staff.

it is easy to confuse feelings when you do one input to one action correlation, it is worth noticing that there are a lot of confusion going on on many feelings and decisions made by the amygdala. because the amygdala is made to correlate between life-sustaining feeling and life-sustaining the action. if you use amygdala for more than these you doomed. the feeling and the reason should be moved to pre-frontal-cortex for correlation between multiple inputs and related state predictions and the right action,

but the cereal box was empty so because of dopamine over flushed brain I also estimated badly that it takes just a little to go to the store and I went to the grocery store then I as I saw many things many things to choose from also generate dopamine.

brain on dopamine is a total mess…

the solution is to calm down the amygdala down with the real solutions.

there is a solution for all – it is possible to find the solution, just need to search. when a part is a central part and it is triggered on many reasons. there is a need for complex solutions. so each reason needs a solution.

if you low on dopamine precursors you need them not dopamine squeezers.
amygdala confuses things that are near each other like they do in advertising.

be aware that sugar it is a fake solution, probably want vitamin c. it is a better suitable replacement for sugar cravings.

the most probable solution is: if you are doing bad then probably you want to go to the toilet. it happens after 5 minutes people eat sugars, and after you digest when there is more sugar is released into the blood.

also, you need to maintain stable energy, not spikes (by sugar overdose and insulin phases), rather by complex carbohydrates and fats.

anyway there are more
if you feel horny probably you want to fart..

also i like l-tyrosine and Hyaluronic acid supplements

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dopamine not delivered on time, and a solution

another thing that I had noticed is that is when i learn something and i expect dopamine earlier than it given by activity i seek it in other places instantly.
like listening to something promising that gets boring people seek Facebook instantly as dopamine is not delivered instantly.
so solution is to deliver dopamine every short attention span people have.

one solution is to to deliver the dopamine in timely manner. if it is learning to deliver understanding fast as expected.
another solution a i saw on videos by Shai Reznik at he shows every now and then a funny picture in not taking away attention way.
Shai is very good he delivers anyway!

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Obvious Adams, txt and audiobook

I’ve made for myself an audiobook.

a very good book about pure instinct and where to look for it.

for me it is less about advertising but more about research and to remembering to look on the common-sense.

download it there:

another story about research and common sense:

“The Student, the Fish, and Agassiz”
I read a better version of it, in the book “The Art of Profitability”

it was like: the student comes to a professor, professor handles him a fish and says, tell me what you see. the student looks up the fish the encyclopedia and tells him a fish named “silver fin or whatever”. then the professor says look again and tell me what you see, a week later, when the fish decomposed than the student starts really look on what he sees and describe it as it is, taking the time to observe patiently and think about what he sees, like here are lungs fins etc’, then the professor says fine.

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Good ideas for personal finance management

The book “The Richest Man in Babylon”  says:
 spend less than you earn – that is all the secret to accumulate huge money.


save 10% for investment.

use 20% of your spend money loan to repay. if you have a loan to repay. (keep saving the 10% for later investment)

spend only 90% of your money .  to accumulate faster invest saved money wisely with competent people.

if you see an opportunity for investment you need to make effort go and take it. many opportunities go by missed. you have to go and take them. make an effort. ask how can you join.

to whom loan money to for good use, or whom to ask for a job or advice?

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