Obvious Adams, txt and audiobook

I’ve made for myself an audiobook.

a very good book about pure instinct and where to look for it.

for me it is less about advertising but more about research and to remembering to look on the common-sense.

download it there:

another story about research and common sense:

“The Student, the Fish, and Agassiz” http://people.bethel.edu/~dhoward/resources/Agassizfish/Agassizfish.htm
I read a better version of it, in the book “The Art of Profitability”

it was like: the student comes to a professor, professor handles him a fish and says, tell me what you see. the student looks up the fish the encyclopedia and tells him a fish named “silver fin or whatever”. then the professor says look again and tell me what you see, a week later, when the fish decomposed than the student starts really look on what he sees and describe it as it is, taking the time to observe patiently and think about what he sees, like here are lungs fins etc’, then the professor says fine.

Good ideas for personal finance management

The book “The Richest Man in Babylon”  says:
 spend less than you earn – that is all the secret to accumulate huge money.


save 10% for investment.

use 20% of your spend money loan to repay. if you have a loan to repay. (keep saving the 10% for later investment)

spend only 90% of your money .  to accumulate faster invest saved money wisely with competent people.

if you see an opportunity for investment you need to make effort go and take it. many opportunities go by missed. you have to go and take them. make an effort. ask how can you join.

to whom loan money to for good use, or whom to ask for a job or advice?

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Instant gratification in business

Demand for Instant Gratification – You see it all around you.

People are addicted to things that give them instant gratification. People even addicted to instant gratification itself.

If there is an instant gratification, then there can be addiction. if there is addiction, then there is a business.

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It is possible to be smart about profitability.

they are relevant for business owners, freelancers, and stock market traders.

there are few ideas I know about profitability, here they are:

the first one is:

The profitability is in the mix

profitability arises when it is hard for people to evaluate the value of something, the more it is vague, and unknown the more crazy numbers you see.

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how to delegate like donald trump

Donald Trump has some edge, he knows to delegate well.
like that people would do something even if he doesn’t ask it directly.

there was some kind of comics about delegation. and there were examples of how to delegate well. you may know you can’t force people to do things. so there was a manager that asks to do things explicitly. this caused micromanagement. another one, the good one, told there is a problem and asked for help to solve it.

A story I had at work, we wanted to write about that we solved a problem that wasn’t there and had to present it in a powerpoint presentation. so we like thought how can we give people clue that it is something significant, and people did not get it. that is is a bad thing or a problem then, I thought maybe I can tell that it is a problem then I recalled Donald Trump.

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easy way to mearge – git mergetool – github: This branch has conflicts that must be resolved Use the command line

  1. install git: https://git-scm.com/downloads
    1. important to select “checkout as-is, commit as-is”
    2. use only git from windows command line no other Unix tools, usually a good selection
    3. select: git bash from here , git GUI from here .
  2. install kdiff3 http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/
  3. kdiff3 with git integration
    1. edit C:\Users\user\.gitconfig
    2. copy snippet from http://naleid.com/blog/2012/01/12/how-to-use-kdiff3-as-a-3-way-merge-tool-with-mercurial-git-and-tower-app
      see “Git Command-Line Integration” section
      instead of “/Applications/kdiff3.app/Contents/MacOS/kdiff3” for windows you probably need “c:/Program Files/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe”
    3. to use the merge tool, you type “git mergetool” or from git GUI right click on the code and choose mergetool
  4. when you get a conflict you simply type git mergetool
  5. how to use kdiff3?
    1. in the toolbar, there are up/down double arrows that skip merge conflicts.
    2. the left column(A) is the common ancestor. then you choose from toolbar which version you want column B version or C version,
    3. after all of the conflicts are resolved it is possible to click in the toolbar save and exit.
  6. how to solve the Github merge conflict?
    1. clone with ssh
    2. go to the pull request with the conflict
    3. enter the cloned repository
    4. use the first part of git commands that offered by Github to resolve the conflict using the command line
    5. use mergetool and commit
    6. use the second part of git commands that offered by Github to resolve the conflict using the command line