It is possible to be smart about profitability. there are few ideas I know about profitability, here they are: the first one is: The profitability is in the mix profitability arises when it is hard for people to evaluate the value of something, the more it is vague, and unknown the more crazy numbers you […]

git merge easy – github: This branch has conflicts that must be resolved Use the command line

install git: important to select “checkout as-is, commit as-is” use only git from windows command line no other Unix tools, usually a good selection select: git bash from here , git GUI from here . install kdiff3 kdiff3 with git integration edit C:\Users\user\.gitconfig copy snippet from see “Git Command-Line Integration” section instead of “/Applications/” for […]

How to improve

Suggest edits to this article If you are like every other normal human. you like instant gratification. instant gratification probably controls your life. it is related tightly to procrastination and ADHD. procrastination is a low energy state. When I had heard first Tim Urban, I thought to myself “eureka!”. It explains every human behavior on […]

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